Fresh Perspective and a Face Lift

Just over two months ago I joined the mPOWEr team as their new interaction design intern. As a new hire with no experience in the healthcare industry, these past few months have been really insightful. It has been fascinating to work with doctors and professionals with intimate knowledge of the industry and to hear their perspectives on the problems that mPOWEr seeks to solve. It has been great seeing our team work to address the different (and sometimes opposing) problems faced by patients and their healthcare providers. Fortunately, I too get to take part in solving some of these problems which is a great experience.

As mPOWEr’s new design intern, I’ve been able to contribute to a variety of projects including updating our patient education brochures, testing various versions of mPOWEr, and helping to restructure our patient symptom quiz to reduce confusion. My largest project however has been to update our current site. Both I and Mark Stewart, our user experience engineer, have spent the past month preparing the site and look forward to being able to share our work. The update will bring a new look and feel to the site and showcase our updated mPOWEr interfaces.

mPOWEr Preview