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a mobile post-operative wound evaluator a patient-centered app for tracking surgical wounds at home

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About mPOWEr

The Mobile Post-Operative Wound Evaluator (mPOWEr) is the first and only mHealth application to address the risk surgical patients face after they are discharged from the hospital and before their follow-up appointment. mPOWEr bridges the gap in care during the inpatient to outpatient transition by more effectively managing post-operative communication from patients to providers. Using the patient’s own mobile device, mPOWEr provides access to post-op evaluation and care in an efficient and patient-centered manner. Optimizing communication for patients and standardizing processes for healthcare providers can lead to earlier detection and treatment of Surgical Site Infections (SSI), reduced healthcare utilization, as well as increased patient satisfaction.

Patient Mobile App

Patients discharged from a hospital can communicate both pictures, symptoms and concerns about possible infection and healing of their surgical incision, using their own mobile device.

Connects patients with providers that actually know them

Patient Management Web Portal

Providers receive well organized, complete information from patients with whom they can easily communicate, increasing the efficient use of their time, and improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

Track all post discharge patients with easy to read dashboard

mPOWEr for Organizations

Organizations can improve patient satisfaction and engagement. Earlier recognition of postoperative infections decreases their severity, decreases costs of treatment, and decreases the likelihood of expensive and uncompensated readmissions.

The mPOWEr mHealth app holds the promise of decreasing hospital readmissions due to SSI, decreasing over-utilization of care to evaluate SSI concerns and increasing patient satisfaction through targeted and personalized communication. Data collected by mPOWEr also allows for monitoring and reporting population health measures, including quality and performance indicators.