mPOWEr PGHD paper highlighted

Dr. Trent Rosenbloom, one of the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Infomatics Association (JAMIA) special issue on Person-Generated Health Data (PGHD) recently highlighted ( the mPOWEr team’s contribution to that issue, “A patient-centered system in a provider-centered world: challenges of incorporating post-discharge wound data into practice” ( To design mPOWEr, we utilized a human-centered process which iteratively engaged patients, patient advisors and a range of providers. In our paper, building upon our extensive interviews with stakeholders, we used a qualitative approach to identify four areas of agreement and six areas of conflict between stakeholders (see figure below). In our discussion, we then presented design implications and potential solutions to the identified conflicts for each theme, illustrated using our work on mPOWEr. Our experience highlights the importance of bringing a variety of stakeholders, including patients, into the design process for PGHD applications.