Summer Intern

Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-10.59.36-AMThis summer, I worked with mPOWEr as their Interaction Designer summer intern, in partnership with the CoMotion and Mary Gates Innovation Scholarship. At mPOWEr, I worked to redesign their overall visual identity, from rethinking and prototyping the major website to redesigning the patient brochure. As a culminating event, I presented a research poster at the Undergraduate Research Symposium this week, showing my brainstorming and iterative processes for redesigning the patient-facing site; a site that initially displayed all of the relevant information for incoming patients but lacked the visual interest to motivate them to read through it all. My intention for redesigning the site was to create a website with a striking and clear visual structure (through a tabbed system) that maintained an intuitive sense of navigation. Though my time as a CoMotion and Mary Gates Scholar for mPOWEr has come to an end, I intend to continue my work for them during the school year and help on the design front!