Medicine X 2015

I joined the mPOWEr team in the spring of 2014 as our first patient advisor, Sarah Han, was preparing to attend and present at Stanford Medicine X as an ePatient. She came back to Seattle, raving about the experience and the meaningful connections she made at the conference. This is why I am extremely excited to have been selected as a 2015 Stanford Medicine X Student Leader for the conference this September!

With a background in information systems and software implementation, I’m interested in the intersection between healthcare IT, the patient experience, and how these affect patient outcomes. A patient centered approach to health information technology development and implementation is critical for success. This is why the mPOWEr team has included a patient as a team member from the very beginning.  At Medicine X, where everyone is included, my goal is to gain new perspective on what patients need to inform our approach now and in the future growth of mPOWEr.

Prior to the conference I’ll be participating in a collaborative design challenge with other student presenters and ePatients. The results of the challenge will be presented during the conference and will provide an excellent opportunity to hone my participatory design skills. During the event, I’ll be actively engaging with attendees, presenters, and others on Twitter. Be sure to follow me @mr_lordon.