Sarah Whitehead, ARNP, MN

Sarah earned her master’s degree in nursing from the University of Washington. Prior to earning her ARNP license, she was a triage and clinic nurse for the UWMC’s Surgical Specialties Clinic. It was here that she started utilizing patient directed wound photos to assist with telephone triage. She soon discovered that both patients and staff benefited from this process. Patients were saving time, money, travel expenses, sick leave, and unnecessary clinic/emergency room visits by emailing photos to the triage nurses. The nurses felt more confident in their assessments and surgeons were able to remain in the operating room without having to perform unexpected wound checks in the clinic. Having grown up in a small, rural community, Sarah understands the importance of tele-medicine and access. She is excited to be a part of something that benefits patients, providers, and communities. Sarah has received the UWMC Golden Eddy Award for providing Outstanding Patient & Family Education in both 2011 & 2012.