Kailey Sparks, RN, BSN

Kailey is an RN in the cardiothoracic ICU at the UW Medical Center and an aspiring medical student. A Portland native, she came to Seattle in 2012 to work at UWMC after graduating with her BSN from the University of Portland. After working in the ICU for a number of years, Kailey came to realize she desired a different role in patient care and thus decided to pursue a second career in medicine. She in presently completing medical school prerequisites at the University of Washington, and is particularly interested in surgery and global health. Kailey is actively involved with a global health organization working to establish surgical, anesthesia, and ICUE nurse training programs in Uganda. Her keen interest in surgery, gained from shadowing and assisting in surgical procedures and from caring for surgical patients in the ICU, drove her to become involved with mPOWEr. She uses those nursing skills to assist the team with project implementation.

Kailey is very excited about this opportunity to work with professionals who are forging innovative new paths towards caring for patients with surgical site infection. She has high hopes that telemedicine and eHealth projects such as mPOWEr will further benefit patients in low resource settings who may not have in-person access to a physician. When not in the library or at the hospital, Kailey can be found in the yoga studio, hiking through the Washington wilderness, or immersed in a book by Dr. Paul Farmer on some fascinating global health topic.