Brian Do

Brian got involved with the mPOWEr after being introduced to the project while recovering from abdominal surgery at UW Medical Center. Due to a motor vehicle accident as a child, Brian has journeyed through much of the healthcare system with multiple operations and treatments. Brian’s mental and physical struggles following surgeries was what pulled him to mPOWEr and its concentration on developing better rapport between post-operative patients and medical providers.

Currently an undergraduate at the University of Washington, Brian has particular interests in prosthetics, minimum evasive care and sustainable healthcare access in needed areas. Since attending the University of Washington, Brian has been part of the student-led organization called Vietnam Health Clinic (VHC), which goes on medical missions to Vietnam every summer. In addition, Brian also has done research with the Human Center Design and Engineering Department. Brian hopes to utilize his extensive experience as a patient and a multidisciplinary background to sustain mPOWEr’s patient-friendly design philosophy.

Outside of academia, Brian loves traveling, exploring technology, checking out the latest in the gaming and soccer worlds and working with the Vietnamese youth community.